Welcome to the 5th Virtual Squadron site!


The 5th VSQN came up from the idea to form firstly a circle of friends with the intent to spend some time together enjoying the WW2 flight simulators.
Part of the Squadron Pilots are from Italy and part from different countries of Europe!
There isn't any form of hierarchy in the Squadron, but only the desire to learn with the help of all.

The Key-Role of flying and success of the 5th is Teamwork.


We are active on Il-2 Cliffs of Dover, Il-2 Great Battles & DCS.

We do fighter and bomber sorties.


We don't mind if you are a newbie or a veteran of flight simulation, everyone is welcome in the squadron.

If you are starting from scratch we will teach you the fundamentals and you will improve faster and better with the help of our pilots, you can bet on it!

If you're looking for a group where to have fun flying on the servers and why not talk more about history and technique we are your group!